The selected fellows will be offered an employment contract of three years, which covers the time it takes to complete the PhD. The offer is contingent on the fellows being enrolled in the 180 ECTS/three year PhD Programme at the Faculty of SCIENCE and on obtaining any permits pertaining to residence and work, which are mandatory by law.

The contract will be based on the collective agreement with the Confederation of Professional Associations (AC) in accordance with the Danish labour laws. Foreign employees will be treated equally with Danish employees and are covered by the same rules and regulations. These include social security benefits such as public health care, sickness benefit, occupational injury allowance, pregnancy benefit, parental benefit and pension.

Furthermore, the contract will contain information about salary and pension structure, holiday rights (a minimum of 25 days a year) and working hours (37 hours pr. week). The salary will be based on the terms of the applying collective agreement including basic salary, plus supplement based on the employee’s seniority and qualifications (if applicable), plus pension contribution. This means that the starting annual salary is currently at a minimum of EUR 43,973 (DKK 328,355), incl. annual supplement (+ annual pension contribution of minimum EUR 6,972 (DKK 52,061). The salary is susceptible to taxes but is a highly competitive salary for PhD students.

The Horizon 2020, Marie Skłodowska-Curie COFUND rules stipulate a minimum monthly salary of EUR 2,597 (EUR 31,164 pr. year), of which H2020/MSCA/COFUND covers EUR 1,855 (EUR 22,260 pr. year). (These amounts constitute the gross salary which means that taxes must be paid on it.) To sum up, SCIENCE complies fully with the H2020/MSCA/COFUND rules by offering the above-mentioned salary.

The TALENT Doctoral Programme is financing part of the salary (app. DKK 500,000 over the three years employment period), while the rest of the money for salary, lab work etc. in order to execute the project will have to come from department level (co-financing not possible from H2020).