Environment, Climate & Sustainability

Research into sustainable holistic solutions to the problems associated with climate change to integrate knowledge of atmospheric systems, the climate and ecosystems. Arctic ecosystem functioning and feedbacks to climate change, and greenhouse gas dynamics. Land use changes and their effects on climate and ecosystem functioning, including carbon cycling above and below ground. Research into the environment, climate and sustainability is closely linked and interdisciplinary, involving geophysics, marine biology, plant biology, environmental and analytical chemistry, ecotoxicology, soil, physics, hydrology and modelling.

The research covers a range of areas with respect to improving the environment – from water quality to sustainable agriculture. The researchers develop new environment friendly technologies to preserve soil, water and biological resources based on strong competencies in environmental microbiology, environmental and analytical chemistry, ecology and element cycling, biotechnology, and crop production. The multidisciplinary research activities improve knowledge about biodiversity and biotechnological interventions in agriculture/sustainable biological production and energy supply to minimise adverse environmental impacts.

The departments, centers and sections mentioned below are examples of places where it would be possible to conduct research within the programme area. As is stated in the TALENT Guide for Applicants, applicants are to indicate the research department they see most fit to host their project.