Food Sciences

The theme Food Sciences encompasses activities related to sustainable food production, secure food supply, food design, food and health and wellbeing, and the challenges within energy, water and the environment in the food sector. The theme ranges from molecular understanding of the food matrix and interactions, to how processing and storage affect product characteristics, and to excellent eating, in order to optimize and develop sustainable, safe, healthier, high-quality food ingredients and food products. The main areas of research include food microbiology and fermentation, food chemistry, food analytics, gut microbiota, probiotics, and health, metabolomics, foodomics, molecular and technological functionality, food processing technology, on-line process monitoring, exploratory data analysis (chemometrics), gastronomy,  flavour characterisation , sensory perception and acceptance and finally, consumer preferences,  choice and eating behavior.

The departments, centers and sections mentioned below are examples of places where it would be possible to conduct research within the programme area. As is stated in the TALENT Guide for Applicants, applicants are to indicate the research department they see most fit to host their project.