Nano & Material Sciences

The Nano- Science Center was established in 2001 to bring down the barriers between physics and chemistry and was one of the first cross-disciplinary initiatives in nanoscience globally. The centre was then expanded with fields of biology, biotechnology and medicine by researchers joining from the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences. The research fields comprise interdisciplinary fields of nano and materials science. The examples of areas are plentiful and include: quantum devices, molecular self-assembly in artificial and natural systems, 3D imaging at nanometer resolution, particle-fluid interfaces of natural materials, and biological and chemical phenomena at the nano-scale including application to biomedicine. Often in this theme, one applies nanotechnology to discover nature's secrets and use the new knowledge to solve society's challenges.

The departments, centers and sections mentioned below are examples of places where it would be possible to conduct research within the programme area. As is stated in the TALENT Guide for Applicants, applicants are to indicate the research department they see most fit to host their project.