Plant Sciences & Biotechnology

Research focuses on the generation of basic knowledge that allows sustainable production of plant biomass for feed, food, energy and bioactive compounds. Research is both basic and applied, covering fundamental studies of plant responses to abiotic and biotic stresses, development and non-coding RNA,. but also development of biotechnological solutions based on knowledge from plants, microorganisms and insects. Research ranges from molecules to organisms and is employing techniques within molecular biology, biochemistry, genomics and bioinformatics and genome editing. Our facilities allow research projects going all the way from laboratory scale to field test. Research is connected with both the agricultural and biotechnological industry. 

The departments, centers and sections mentioned below are examples of places where it would be possible to conduct research within the programme area. As is stated in the TALENT Guide for Applicants, applicants are to indicate the research department they see most fit to host their project.