Moving to Copenhagen

International Staff Mobility Office (ISM) at the University of Copenhagen will assist recruited researchers prior to their arrival, upon their arrival and during their stay. In concrete terms, ISM will offer assistance with residence permits, finding housing, help dealing with tax issues, finding childcare as well as a range of other practical challenges related to moving to a new country. In this context, it should be underlined that it is a prerequisite that the fellows move to Denmark by the time of employment and live here during the PhD.

ISM also offers a mentor programme for newly arrived international researchers and a range of social events throughout the year with a goal of helping to provide international employees with chances to develop a social network amongst both fellow international researchers but also Danes. Furthermore, ISM offers a Dual Career service for spouses of international researchers with advice available for them to enter the Danish labour market as well as a range of courses, such as career development workshops and more.

Read more about moving to and living in Copenhagen, work-life balance and the Danish welfare state by visiting the websites of International Staff Mobility, International House Copenhagen and Copenhagen Capacity.