The PhD programme consists of 3 years of full time PhD studies. After completing the PhD studies, writing a PhD thesis and defending the thesis successfully, the fellow will be awarded the PhD degree. The studies must contain:

  • An independent PhD project carried out by the fellow under proper supervision.
  • A PhD thesis and its submission, which concludes the PhD studies.
  • Courses at an adequate scientific level corresponding to 6 months.
  • Change of scientific environment (extended visit for a period of 3-6 months), preferably at a foreign research institution.
  • Participation in science communication, teaching and/or other outreach programmes.

A fundamental requirement in Denmark is that the PhD programme includes a high degree of interaction between the student and the supervisor with regular supervision meetings and hands-on mentorship.

The overriding training objective of the TALENT programme is to provide the fellows with skills allowing them to pursue careers in both the academic and non-academic sectors after the completion of the PhD.

Personal Career Development Plan

In order to ensure tailor made training, a strong focus on early independence and exposure to teaching and supervision experience, the selected TALENT fellows will be asked to draw up a Personal Career Development Plan in collaboration with their main supervisor.