A key focus point for TALENT is to provide the opportunity for intersectoral exposure where relevant. In order to help fellows gain contact to industry to find collaborators, several industrial partners are involved in the project.

Project partner detail summary:

  • Confederation of Danish Industry represents 10,000 companies, employing more than 1,200,000 people.
  • Danish Chamber of Commerce represents 20,000 companies and 100 industry associations.
  • Danish Agriculture and Food Council represents 30,000+ farmers and companies within agriculture.
  • Copenhagen Science City is a massive initiative with 800+ million euro investments in building infrastructure, buildings and networks to strengthen collaboration between science and academia and industry, making Copenhagen the premiere choice for new companies and new collaborations.
  • DIKU Business Club is a membership-based association for industry partners related to Deptartment of Computer Science. It consists of 50 paying members, engaged in ICT research and development.

Combined the partners provide access to more than 60,000 companies, providing excellent opportunities for collaborations with companies during the PhD projects. By collaboration is meant secondments to e.g. companies represented by the above-mentioned three umbrella organisations, mentoring, networking opportunities (e.g. the Young Investigator Network) and events, which will constitute a unique platform for the TALENT fellows to land a job after obtaining the PhD degree.